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Welcome to the forum of the most awesome clan in the history of the universe !!! ;)
Thanks to Duelist, the khan? of the second awesome clan of the universe, we have again a W-R webpage.

Thank you duelist.

Many things were still subject to change but now we have a internal plattform to communicate and other stuff.
Also I will bring here later a german section in the forum for the non english speaker of our ArmA 3 team.
There I will do from time to time summarys on english. Same I want to do this for the english section of cause.

For questions, ideas and suggestions feel free to post in the forum.

edit:nice BT poem of the Wolverines:

Forsaking rich forest, we soon will arrive,
To battle our foes until none will survive!
Vicious, hardened warriors we are;
Beneath thick furs lie many a scar!
Beware our caged rage and merciless fury--
All foes stand damned before this cold jury!
Our rending teeth and sharpened claws,
Will silence our foes' useless cause.
We impatiently await the furious attack;
Grim silence will follow with foes draped in black!
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All Hail the Khans of WR and SJ! Thanks duelist. :)
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